Composi-Cover™ FRP Tank Covers

Fiberglass Fabricators is the industry leader in fully designed, thoroughly engineered, flat fiberglass cover systems. In addition to flat covers, FFI also produces arched and peaked covers systems. As a custom fabricator, FFI is prepared to meet the requirements of any FRP cover job. Our covers are:

  • Cost Effective - Competitive with other materials of construction
  • Easy to install - All pieces are match-marked or prefabricated in modules
  • Heavy duty – designed to ASCE loading standards
  • Accessible – designed with access hatches and ports as needed
  • Low profile – flat covers allow line of sight and walkability
  • Zero Maintenance – All FRP construction with 316 SS hardware offers superior corrosion resistance without the need for painting, or other maintenance operations

Specifying an FRP cover requires consideration of resin grade, glass type, structural design, accessibility needs, line of sight, air flow, head space...and the list goes on! We’re prepared to work with the engineers, contractors and end users from start to finish to get the job done right the first time.

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