Density Current Baffles

Density Current Baffles are designed to disrupt density currents in clarifiers to increase settling efficiency and decrease suspended solids in the effluent.  By installing a Density Current Baffle, the density currents containing suspended solids are redirected back towards the center of the clarifier, rather than directly up the tank wall and into the effluent. This prevents short-circuiting of the tank and increases residence time, which allows the particles more opportunity to settle out.

Our design for Density Current Baffles is the result of an extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study, which analyzed settling efficiency for different particle sizes at various baffle orientations. The results of this study showed clearly that the optimum settling efficiency is achieved by using a 45⁰ Density Current Baffle. This orientation provides a 10-20% improvement in settling efficiency for the most common particle sizes.

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