FRP Baffle Walls

Fiberglass Fabricators offers baffle wall systems for both potable water and wastewater applications. Our panels are manufactured in-house using the vacuum infusion method, which offers superior strength to pultruded baffle panels without a price premium.

FRP baffle walls offer a superior alternative to wood, concrete or metal walls. Key advantages are:

  • Easy to install
  • Zero maintenance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Available with perforations or cutouts
  • All-FRP support system with 316 SS hardware
  • Low profile
  • Customized support system to meet hydrostatic head requirements

Fiberglass baffle panels are intended to replace wood, concrete or metal baffles in environments where corrosion or rotting creates costly maintenance problems. Our engineers will design your system to accommodate the unique spatial, structural and corrosion resistance requirements of your project. Contact us today for pricing, design assistance, or more information.

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