FRP Troughs/Launders

Fiberglass Fabricators manufactures a wide range of FRP trough products for applications within the water and wastewater treatment industries. FRP troughs are also used in aquaculture applications, or as liners for concrete troughs. Our troughs are available with NSF-61 certified resins for potable water applications. As required, FFI supplies adjustable V-notch or flat-crested weirs and all necessary hardware with our troughs.

Our troughs are available in any size or length required, in both flat and round-bottom designs. For filter media retention applications, a peripheral filter media retention baffle is available.

FFI’s trough designs avoid the use of expensive encapsulated steel or aluminum stiffeners by using high-strength FRP stiffening ribs instead. This design also reduces the overall weight of the troughs significantly, and improves long term durability by avoiding the issues associated with thermal cycling of CTE mismatched materials.

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