Weirs & Scum Baffles

FFI manufactures high quality matched-die-molded weirs and scum baffles per ANSI/AWWA F102-07. While this type of equipment is often seen as a commodity within the water and wastewater industries, there are some low quality products and inefficient designs on the market that can result in significant repair/replacement costs. Our weirs are available with NSF-61 certified resins for potable water applications.

An important thing to look for when selecting a weir manufacturer is the actual manufacturing method used to produce the weirs. While some shops will sell weirs that are cut from low quality FRP sheet, FFI uses the match-die-molded process (per AWWA standards) resulting in a resin rich edge in the V-notches. This resin rich edge prevents fibers from becoming exposed as a result of flow over the weir.

FFI’s molded scum baffles use an integrally molded shiplap design, which results in a smooth surface on the entire ID of the baffle. This continuous flat surface prevents the skimmer arm from catching on a splice plate or other protrusion. If launder covers are going to be used, FFI can provide the covers with integral, adjustable scum baffles for a seamless design that does not require additional supports.

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